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BD Vision

BD Vision is Ipreo's enterprise-level Capital Markets CRM platform designed to drive the enhanced productivity and effectiveness of institutional sell-side professionals. BD Vision combines our clients proprietary data, the industry leading buy-side content of the Bigdough Database and robust CRM functionality to give analysts and salespeople a consolidated view of their information universe.

BD Vision is the only financial CRM on the market designed by Capital Markets professionals solely for Capital Markets professionals.

  • Tailor-made for institutional Capital Markets professionals with the ability to easily integrate with other platforms and databases; creating a one-stop shop for all of your financial CRM needs (contacts, data, event planning, roadshow management, communication, etc)
  • Allows sell-side to truly know their customers and what's important to them
  • Combines state-of-the-art CRM technology with the best multi-asset class institutional contact data, profiles and portfolio holdings data in the industry
  • Streamlines the communication loops between research analysts, research salespeople and traders through collaborative functionality

For more information on BD Vision, please visit www.investormanagement.com.

BD Advanced

Built on the legacy of industry-leading institutional contacts data & profiles, Ipreo's BD Advanced platform is the next generation of investor relationship management. Created to support capital markets professionals in their prospecting and investor outreach efforts, BD Advanced provides access to superior institutional contact and portfolio holdings data via a flexible and intuitive interface.

  • The quality of Bigdough data coupled with more advanced searching and screening functionality for faster access to the clients and prospects that matter most to you
  • Comprehensive multi-asset class contact information, profiles and portfolio holdings data (including fixed-income)
  • The most robust hedge fund database on the market
  • Profiles & "scouting reports" help prepare for road shows and meetings
  • Easy-to-use CRM module enables centralized messaging, tracking & list management
  • Global industry standard for outstanding customer service

For more information on BD Vision, please visit www.investormanagement.com.

BD Corporate

BD Corporate is the most comprehensive Investor Relationship Management solution on the market, containing the most accurate and up-to-date profiles of institutional money managers, their cross-asset class holdings, and robust hedge fund data, all supported by award winning customer service.

  • Detailed cross-security holdings data, highly flexible targeting functionality, complete contact management capabilities including activity reporting and performance benchmarking; all coupled with the most complete, accurate and timely data in the industry
  • Fully integrated cross-asset class contact and portfolio holdings data; as well as full integration with Ipreo's world-class Global Market Intelligence, Shareholder Identification and Targeting and Analytics offerings.
  • Most robust hedge fund and fixed income database in the industry
  • Comprehensive profiles of institutional money managers and their holdings
  • Global industry standard for outstanding customer service
  • Leveraged by countless IR professionals around the world

Bigdough Data

The most complete and accurate global institutional database on the market

The Industry Leader

Many firms have tried and failed to create and maintain accurate, internal databases of institutional money managers. Known for over a decade for offering the premier institutional equity dataset, Ipreo has added comprehensive global fixed income content to further your success. Our clients are provided with market-leading content on global, multi-asset class Buy-side and Sell-side contacts and institutions. Our superior technology enables us to collect and deliver content with incredible responsiveness and flexibility, whether it be through industry leading investor relationship management platforms like BD Vision & BD Advanced, through the legacy Bigdough application, or by custom data feeds.

By leveraging Ipreo's core content management competency and industry expertise, firms can effectively outsource a burdensome and costly effort, both in terms of technology and human resources, freeing up resources to focus on the moneymaking activities your institution excels at. At the same time, we provide a solution to a common yet costly business problem among financial institutions: managing and maintaining clean, reliable, consistent information across the organization.

Data Quality

Ipreo has a large, carefully trained staff of capital markets research analysts. This massive force exclusively manages, updates and grows our database. No company in the industry comes anywhere close to dedicating the same level of manpower and resources to content management. As a consequence, the quality and accuracy of the intelligence we deliver to our customers is unparalleled. Simply put, we are known in the marketplace as the most highly accurate and timely provider.


Ipreo has compiled a first-class team of language speakers with country specialties to track market movements, the legislative environment, and local press. Our global collection effort is based, with appropriate local market adaptations, on our time-proven research methodology, which is known to produce the best details available to the market.

Global Brand

Having offices worldwide, Ipreo's research team is part of a global effort involving hundreds of staff members in the US, Europe, Asia and Africa. Ipreo leverages these global resources to improve quality, accuracy, and breadth of content to an even greater degree.


We offer several solutions when it comes to data delivery, from a daily FTP drop, to more integrated CRM solutions that encompass daily corporate actions tied directly to your own enterprise entity lists, along with delivery of other Ipreo datasets, from ownership to fundamentals.

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